Converse subtly redesigns logo with a nod to its history

It is completely unjust to serve Rice with only a two game suspension and a fine after reviewing a very detailed and intense abuse video. Comparing Rice to the suspension of Gordon, Welker and Scandrick- these three men served a four game suspension for a mere drug incident. It seems to be very obvious that extreme physical abuse to the opposite sex would serve a much lengthier sentence than a mere two game suspension. Every time I have watched this interview with Rice, I am in shock. As one of the best players in the NFL, with a public display of his personal abuse being broadcasted across the country- you would think that Rice would prepare better than he did. His body language shows no true remorse and his emotionless tone of voice throughout the entirety of this video makes it hard to believe he is truly sorry for his poor behavior. Even though this is a highly overwhelming and publicly challenging situation for Rice to be placed in, he still should not need to look at his phone every minute to express his emotions. He also took some of the blame, but shared it with his wife as well. Janay did nothing wrong in the situation, rather than showing obvious signs of public intoxication, but nothing to deserve getting beaten up by her soon to be husband.

Sabrina Carpenter & Cole Sprouse Team Up for Converse ‘Forever Chuck’ Campaign

In , the company designed the forerunner of the modern All Star, marketed under the name “Non-Skids. Taylor held basketball clinics in high schools all over the country and while teaching the fundamentals of the game, he sold the All Star shoes. His ideas for the shoe were designed to provide enhanced flexibility and support and also incorporated a patch to protect the ankle. A variety of professional basketball players soon wore All Stars and they became the envy of all aspiring basketball players.

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New Shirts on Converse. This shirt drop has come just in time for Converse lovers to update their wardrobe for the Fall season. With an assortment of long sleeves and short sleeves, bright colors and darks, womens and mens, the wide variety of tops Converse has released has something for everybody. The first shirt released is a unisex, Pride top designed by pop superstar Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus has a long standing relationship with chucks, and this top is very on brand for her. Featuring bright, shimmering polka dots this shirt comes in black and white. The next shirt is a Converse branded hockey jersey that comes in the colors of three NHL hockey teams: With hockey season just around the corner, these shirts are a perfect way to show your love for the sport and chucks at the same time.

Converse has also released a long sleeve shirt that comes in yellow and burgundy, and is a perfect look for the colder Fall and Winter weather. Converse has also dropped 3 different crop tops that come in varying black, white, plaid, and pink. Finally, there is a Converse crew neck shirt that comes in white and features a colorful array of patches that feature Converse branding.

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The Ultimate Chucks Themed Halloween Movie Marathon! The month of October is a time for spooks, scares, monsters, and ghouls. The entire month can be summed up by the build for Halloween, with everyone getting into the spirit by getting their costumes and candy ready.

Instagram Stories create an interesting dynamic for brands because, from the outside, no one can numerically judge the success of their efforts — there is no view count or like count. Get inspired by these 9 brands leveraging Instagram Stories in awesome ways. Converse Just about everyone in America knows Converse as a brand. Sounds like Classic Converse to me. Creative aside, marketers should take notice of their Instagram Story strategy. In announcing the rollout of a new shoe collaboration, Converse seamlessly connects their Instagram post content with their Instagram Story content.

Their Instagram feed and Instagram Story work in perfect harmony. Join me, as we study their behaviors.

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History[ edit ] Converse started making an early basketball shoe in and redesigned it in , when Chuck Taylor asked the company to create a better shoe with more support and flexibility. By the s the company had captured about 70 to 80 percent of the basketball shoe market, but the shoe declined in popularity during the s, when more and more basketball players wore other brands of shoes. Chuck Taylor All Stars enjoyed a comeback in popularity in the s as retro-style casual footwear. In the company designed the forerunner of the modern All Star shoe that it marketed under the name of “Non-Skids.

The restyled shoe also incorporated distinctive All-Star logo on the circular patch that protected the ankle. After Taylor’s signature was added to the ankle patch as his endorsement, they became known as Chuck Taylor All Stars, the first celebrity-endorsed athletic shoe.

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Patent Leather Converse All Stars

Now days the color choice of the customers are changing and they love to wear bright colors to their feet. This sneaker is the latest design by Converse to give a stylish and comfort look on your feet. Once can have a dashing color to his personality by wearing this pair of shoes. This sneaker is a common choice for youngsters who like to freak out in the streets and shopping malls.

Experience sports, training, shopping and everything else that’s new at Nike from any country in the world.

Ada banyak sekali tipe dan model sepatu converse. Maka dari itu saya akan mencoba mengulas sebagian besar tipe dan model sepatu Converse All Star. Sepatu Converse adalah salah satu merk sepatu yang saat ini sedang digandrungi oleh para pemuda-pemudi karena terkenal dengan banyak pilihan warna, dan juga menggunakan bahan kanvas yang sangat berkualitas sehingga memiliki umur pakai yang lebih lama. Harga Sepatu Converse Sepatu Converse bisa dikategorikan sebagai sepatu hangout atau sepatu yang pas digunakan ketika berkumpul dengan teman acara santai lainnya.

Harga sepatu Converse original memang dibandrol dengan harga yang relatif mahal. Namun hal tersebut tentunya sangat sebanding dengan kualitas dan model yang kita dapatkan ketika membelinya. Kini banyak sekali yang jual sepatu Converse original maupun KW di pasaran. Nah untuk Anda yang ingin membeli sepatu Converse, pastikan terlebih dahulu Anda telah menentukan modelnya.

Setelah itu yang perlu lakukan adalah cek harga pasaran sepatu converse yang akan Anda beli.

Nike “Champions Think 16” Collection Honors Some of Basketball’s Biggest Moments

In the company started manufacturing athletic tennis shoes and in they introduced the Converse All-Star basketball shoe. During WWII, Converse took a small hiatus in athletic shoe manufacturing to produce boots, parkas, rubber protective suits, and ponchos for pilots and troops. When the war ended, they went back to manufacturing what they knew, great quality athletic shoes which were widely popular in the s and s. Up until the choices were only black and white.

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The Converse shoe company has been making them since By the s the shoes had become a fashion statement and were available in dozens of colors. Black, white, pink, blue, yellow, red — you name it, you could get it. How the 80s Wore Chuck Taylors They could be worn plain as shown to the left, of course, but then this was the 80s after all so we took this classic shoe and made it our own. The 80s interpretation of Chucks included wearing two different colors — red and, say, turquoise a natural combination or writing all over them.

Other popular scribbling included peace symbols and anarchy symbols. My personal favorite was to find these two symbols co-existing. Though the shoes had started out as basketball footwear, many of those who wore them in the 80s never even picked up a basketball outside of gym class. Of course, if you were really cool you owned a pair in each color.

Let the taunting begin! You can still redeem yourself. The low top version has seen more popularity in recent years than it had in the 80s, so if you are looking to work this look into your wardrobe today, the low top might be the way to go. More from my site.


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Mia gives Lorelai a job as a maid and allows Lorelai and Rory to live in a converted potting shed behind the inn, where they live for most of Rory’s early childhood. Lorelai eventually becomes the executive manager of the inn, which is the position she holds when the first season of the show opens. When Rory is unexpectedly accepted to Chilton Preparatory School from a waiting list , Lorelai is unable to come up with the tuition due immediately, Lorelai turns to her parents for help.

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There may have been Unresolved Sexual Tension earlier, romantic feelings on either side or even an unmistakable Held Gaze or two, but that was all on paper. This is it, the actual relationship. It’s happening, starting now. In a work, it’s that point where until further notice there’s no more sense in asking Will They or Won’t They? This is the kind of plot development that gets an audience’s attention, so it is often seen in parts of the plot where it is imperative for the story to do just that e.

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11 Surprising Facts About Chuck Taylors