Giuliana Rancic has just penned her memoir which holds details of how ex-boyfriend Jerry O’Connell cheated on her with a member of the Spice Girls. Italian-American TV personality and E! The year-old red carpet correspondent and host of “Fashion Police” recalls her humiliating split with the “Stand By Me” alum after a following a year of dating after she learned he had cheated on her with Ginger Spice, who is also known as Geri Halliwell. After she confronted him about the infidelity, he apologized and told her he didn’t know what happened. Shortly after the incident, Rancic took O’Connell back for a brief period of time until he started flirting with his now wife, Rebecca Romijn, during a Maxim’s Hottest Women Party where O’Connell was Rancic’s escort. He promptly cut off all contact with Rancic, and when she confronted him at his home, he declined to let her in and bid her farewell with the breakup line:

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Apr 16, at 6: ET Share Tweet Pin Bill and Giuliana Rancic sit down with SheKnows to talk about their new show Ready for Love, how they keep their own relationship fresh, and maybe even spill a secret or two about where this season is going! Pin Everyone is looking for love it seems, and Bill and Giuliana Rancic are no different. On Ready for Love they are doing just that for three lucky bachelors, and they sat down with SheKnows to spill all their matchmaking secrets.

I heard you were just in Hawaii! You’re a busy couple so I know it was well-deserved.

Jun 20,  · Celebrities Bill and Giuliana Rancic joined Candace Rose of discuss life, love, relationships and their new dating show! Link to post: htt.

A source tells UsWeekly that they did three takes of the segment, and Kelly became concerned when Giuliana claimed Zendaya’s hair would ‘smell of patchouili oil or weed’. Scroll down for video Don’t do it! Zendaya is a friend of the show. There is no doubt that Giuliana Rancic has fully taken the rap for her comments on Zendaya Coleman’s dreadlocks ‘smelling like weed’ on Fashion Police.

Griffin has stayed silent on the matter, despite some fans of the show claiming she said the comment first Meanwhile, Radar has reported that some fans of the show took to Twitter afterwards to claim that it wasn’t Giuliana who started the incident. On Wednesday Zendaya posted a second response on Instagram, clearly well prepared and thought out to show the teen’s philosophical stance on the matter Not happy: Zendaya hit out on Monday soon after the comments were made to let everyone know how hurt she was about the ‘disrespectful and ignorant slur’ DailyMail.

Com have reached out to representatives for Kathy who have so far been unavailable for comment. There had also been claims made that is was Kelly Osbourne who said the comment off-camera, something she was quick to deny. Whoopi Goldberg said of Giuliana: Unless you know how to make jokes, don’t do it I’ve met real racists so I’m very hesitant to call people who put their foot in their mouth racist.

She was just ignorant Adding that she wished she had been more ‘clear’ and ‘succinct’ in her apology.

From Sun Magazine: Giuliana Rancic isn’t afraid to bring reality to reality TV

Giuliana Rancic net worth has rose up too much because she has also been the host of Fashion Police in the E! She has also been the host of several red carpet events of the ceremonies like the Academy Awards as well as the Golden Globes. Also the producer of Celebrity Rap Superstar and an actress who has appeared on Bring It On, this personality has achieved heightened name and fame amongst her fans around the world. Giuliana Rancic age as of now is known to be 42 years old.

Apr 19,  · Giuliana and Bill Rancic to Host Eva Longoria’s Dating Show ‘Ready for Love’ Getty Images Additionally, the upcoming NBC dating series announced a country-wide search for eligible women via social.

View moreless Facts of Giuliana Rancic Rancic is a married woman. She is married to Bill Rancic. Before this she was in relation with her boyfriend, actor Jerry O’Connell. Besides this relationship, she is not involved in any other kinds of love affairs. She also graduated from Barbizon Modeling and Acting School. She also worked as a co-host. She earned a huge salary working there, but her actual net worth is uncertain. When she was seven years old, she immigrated to the United States along with her family.

She received her high school education in America. There is not any information about her parents. Received bachelor’s degree in journalism In , she was honored with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland, Collage Park.

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Now, cancer survivor and E! The initiative, while acknowledging the important scientific advances in cancer treatment, is focused on highlighting and funding areas of support needs that can improve the quality of life for those touched by cancer. Listen to the conversation with Giuliana and Bill Rancic on Apple Podcasts , Stitcher , or wherever you get your podcasts. So for me it was really important to go public, especially because I had this incredible platform of being on E!

Apr 19,  · How cool is this? Giuliana and Bill Rancic will host a new dating show, Ready for Love. It’ll be executive produced by none other than Eva Longoria! .

First at the University of Maryland, College Park , then at graduate school in Washington, she trained to join their ranks, heading with mike and camera to the White House , Pentagon and Capitol Hill. But there was a problem. Now 37, she is one of the most recognizable correspondents in the ever-growing world of celebrity news, anchoring E! And somewhere along the way, Rancic herself has become as famous as some of the stars she interviews, covering celebrities but also getting covered herself.

Nowhere have her dual roles been more in the forefront than this past year, as she publicly battled breast cancer. But it’s just not my personality,” she says of her much-chronicled treatment, double mastectomy and continuing recovery. I couldn’t have kept it a secret. I’m not that person. I’m a very open person.


Some of the first and most notable anchors include Douglas Edwards and Walter Cronkite. While most of the anchors in the field were men in the early days of television, many prominent female anchors did appear on the scene soon after. As the medium of television grew in popularity, women became interested in pursuing careers in the field.

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The couple opened the doors to their lives by headlining their own reality show, Giuliana and Bill, and have shared intimate information about their relationship, including their infertility struggles and later the joyous birth of their son, Edward Duke , via gestational surrogate. When it comes to mushy and lovey-dovey public displays of affection, Giuliana and Bill are pros at declaring their love for each other.

They can’t help but gush over how much they adore one another, and there’s no doubt they’ve created the blueprint on how to have a successful, long-lasting relationship in front of the public eye. That doesn’t mean their relationship is hiccup-free, though. Here are the strange things we’ve noticed about Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s marriage. They can’t get rid of each other Getty Images After celebrating 10 years of marriage, Giuliana gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly and said, “We do everything together.

We don’t do his and her’s vacations, I think that’s the beginning of the end in many cases. We genuinely like each other, which I think is pretty important, and love each other. But we love spending time with each other and we have a lot of fun. We’re committed, I love you so much, you’re my life,"” she said.

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Giuliana Rancic shows off her bikini body Get celebs updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email E! The stunning TV star shared the snap on Wednesday, telling her fans she was “On top of the world.

The gorgeous host shows off her toned bum and legs in a purple and blue bikini, and wears her hair down and natural in loose waves. Giuliana has been sharing numerous holiday snaps over the past few days. The star shared an adorable snap of her hubby and baby boy larking around in their luxury infinity pool.

Co-host Bill throws their adorable son Duke up into the air in one snap, and holds him up at the edge of the pool as they look out to sea in another.

Relationships. Giuliana Rancic has been in a relationship with Jerry O’Connell ( – ).. About. Giuliana Rancic is a 44 year old Italian TV Personality. Born Giuliana DePandi on 17th August, in Naples, Italy, she is famous for E! News Host in a career that spans –: 50 kg.

When that names pops up, my mind immediately goes to the red carpet, award shows, and a gut instinct that any event she hosts will be very entertaining. Rancic has become a staple in the entertainment industry, and it’s difficult to picture a big Hollywood event without her presence. An Italian immigrant, this host-with-the-most has worked hard to reach her level of success, and has seemed to stay grounded throughout it all.

She’s been open about her struggles in addition to her successes, and has stayed strong through it all. So let’s take a look back at this fabulous woman and her stunning transformation. As she discussed with The Washington Post , she was quieter as a child. She experienced a tough time with the differences in language as she did not speak English when she moved to Maryland as a kid. So how did she learn a brand new language? She watched the news. As her dad, Eduardo DePandi, described to the Post, “Other children watched the cartoons or whatever…[Giuliana] watched the news.

Breaking into modeling From a young age, Rancic apired to enter the modeling world. As she described her in book, Going Off Script via E! Online once she discovered an ad for the Barbizon School of Modeling and knew she had to be a part of it. She said, “I begged my parents to enroll me…One brief interview and twelve hundred dollars of my parents’ hard-earned cash later, I was in!

Giuliana Rancic Partners With The Pink Agenda for Breast Cancer