Sun in Gemini, Venus in Cancer

Venus in cancer Career Astrology: Venus in Cancer makes one learned and meritorious. Such a natives may bewitch and captivate people. He is a mass leader. He is a versatile genius. Astrology of Venus in Cancer Venus in Cancer enclosure brings planet in an unpleasant appearance from natural enmity of Venus with ruling Moon in this arena. This confers much of negative impact from natives of this composition. Combination of Mercury and Venus makes natives more sensitive and fragile from inside leading them to instability of mind till extent of melancholy and other fluctuations in their life. Persons with Venus in Cancer are highly emotional beings and could be influenced easily towards any direction. Impact of Venus in Cancer bestows good intellect and intelligence to natives though their enmity does not let them live a happy life as they would lead stable and contented life.

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Venus represents love, sensuality, romance, beauty, affection and social appeal. Its placement in your natal chart provides insight into what you are attracted to in a partner as well as what type of person is attracted to you. Use the following guide to determine your love nature and find out how to attract a man based on his Venus sign characteristics.

Aries The Venus in Aries individual attracts love by being confident, spontaneous and bold.

Key of Solomon, the most famous of Grimoires, or handbooks of magic.

Pinterest Venus Love Sign Different people have varying ways of approaching love. There are those that would be considered as delicate and there are those that would be perceived as brash. In the end, you might find that these individuals might decide to settle down together. You can find more about your love compatibility with this Venus sign love calculator. Ultimately, this would mean that zodiac compatibility would vary from one sun sign couple to the other.

With regards to romantic compatibility and your perceptions on love, the main factor that is considered is the placement of Venus in your love sign. Understanding your Venus placement helps you in answering the question; how loving are you? Venus is normally regarded as the planet of love.

How to attract a Gemini male with venus in Cancer?

It shows how a certain person relates to other people, and the kinds of things they like to do. These things may not be obvious on the first meeting, since they are planetary positions in which the effects will be noticed more as you get to know a person. One may find out what sign Venus was in at their time and day of birth in a book called an ephemeris.

The couple who both have Venus in Cancer are Courtney and Christopher. It is not really common for people of the same Venus sign to be a romantic couple, although it does happen.

Decan 1 Cancer November Horoscope. October 22 to November 3 – The Sun trine your decan is a great time to enjoy life and relax. Inner calm and balance brings harmonious relationships. These helpful conditions make you more efficient and productive.

When they’re not pouting, they are romantic and gooey with you. They are turned on by slave scenarios, and they may like it when you’re a little mean and aggressive in bed, as long as they know you love them. Some of them are turned on by the idea of making a baby, and others just love the idea of being all yours in bed. They are known as the sign most attracted to breasts, and they generally like their men rather masculine and their women feminine, at least in fantasy.

They don’t always let you know what turns them on, and expect you to intuit their sexual needs. Their style in bed is protective and soothing. The Cancerian female is very shy, although very sensual and erotic in her reserved depths. She will never make the first move, due to a lingering sensitivity about her appearance. She is a romantic at heart, and prefers the traditional approaches, such that any partner of hers will be wooed with food in an old-fashioned manner.

She is anything but old-fashioned when it comes to the actual lovemaking, however.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

If you were born with Venus in Pisces, this is, essentially, your astrological love sign. As it happens, this is the “best” location for Venus, astrologically speaking, because it’s exalted in Pisces. Every aspect has it’s own sign in which it’s exalted. It also happens to be a placement I share, as my chart has Venus in Pisces as well. To learn more about your romantic style, please continue reading below!

Some lovers find pain fascinating, a bit sacred and even beautiful in romance and sexuality. Such people — like former erotic cutter Angelina Jolie, the original masochist Leopold von Sacher Masoch, the ear-slicing Vincent Van Gogh, and myself — have strong Venus-Neptune aspects.

The retrograde motion of an inner planet is an apparent phenomenon as viewed from earth in which Venus appears to move backwards in the sky. When Venus is retrograde, it provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our life Taurus-Libra issues. With existing relationships, this cycle produces experiences wherein it is easier to discern the relative worth and value of these people in your life. Discrimination is more effective.

You become readily aware of any problems, differences or unresolved issues. It is NOT a time, however, to act upon any unfavorable awareness. It is purely a time of evaluation rather than direct action. As little frictions and disagreements crop up, they serve to remind you that the relationship is not perfect. Only after Venus turns direct should you initiate any alienation if this is deemed necessary.

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Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, and some Aries Incompatible with: Capricorn, Cancer, some Aries, some Pisces Strengths: They’re natural motivators and can help encourage their partners to take action towards their goals,” says Shea. Surprise them—but find out their interests first, so that you have a sense it’s something they might like. Their sensuality makes them good lovers, and often, good cooks.

Saturday, NOVEMBER 10 With Mercury and Venus forming a semi-square midday, we don’t want to rock the boat and we may make extra effort to please, but some insincerity and lack of clarity can be the result.

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Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man When a Scorpio woman dates a Cancer man, it will either be unforgettable in a good way or a terrifying way. The creativity and sensitivity between these two is overwhelming and the intuitive link powerful. The Scorpio woman is more intense than her Cancer man.

With Venus in Scorpio, you want friends and lovers who can keep secrets. You yourself have many files marked “classified.” You come across as private, and that’s intriguing in our world of tell all social media. You want friends who can deal with your intensity. You are cool at first, in the getting.

Cancer Woman and Cancer Man This love match will be intensely emotional, intuitive and sexual. The Cancer woman and Cancer man are both ruled by the Moon so this couple will share strong security and domestic needs. The dating game can sway between intense and cool since neither the Cancer woman nor her Cancer man will enjoy confrontations. There’s a passive aggressive tone to this relationship. Sexually, this couple will nurture one another into gluttony!

They especially enjoy sex on the beach or near water and will usually experience multiple orgasms together easily because their so tuned into one another. The perfect first date for Cancer zodiac signs is an intimate dinner at a cozy restaurant followed by a movie of the latest romantic comedy. Cancers typically like quiet dinners, museums and antique shopping. Cancer females are caring, feminine and sensitive.

Venus in Cancer Meaning for Men & Women or Masculine/Feminine Energied Individuals